What a whirlwind this year has been. I don't even know what day of the week it is anymore but post- Christmas, who does? After Christmas is usually just a waiting period until work starts. It's like getting ready early and then you don't know what to do with yourself. 

I came back to London a couple of days ago after spending the most delightful Christmas at home with the best company. My Aunt and Grandma visited from Hong Kong and my boyfriend, George, who also came to see the puddles of Manchester. As with every household, a lot of food was consumed, Monopoly was played (and won by me) and films were watched. Attempted to watch that knight film* Vanessa Hudgens is in but 20 mins in, we called it quits. It was SO very bad I couldn't keep watching without hurting my eyes and ears for that matter! 

I've been away from my phone the majority of the past two weeks while I was away in Amsterdam and Manchester. Life got the better of me and I just wasn't in the mood to share any pictures like I usually would. On some days, a lot was happening behind the scenes and sharing the highlight reel was the opposite of what I felt like doing when it was far from how I felt. Aside from those moments, my Christmas holiday has never felt merrier especially with so many people in the house at one time. I spent less time online while I was in Amsterdam and more time learning about the world. Literally. There was an international card game in the flat we were staying at so we spent 2 nights out of 3 quizzing each other on the countries of the world. It was nice to slow down at home too, living in London you forget how to walk slow and feel peace when commuting. I took George to the MOSI, I hadn't been in a long time and boy did it bring up flashbacks of my weekend trips to the museum. We both got giddy learning (me re- learning) about the cotton mill industry which is one of the aspects Manchester is known for. Took a detour afterwards past Revs (if you know you know), towards HOME. All while George was singing Wonderwall and shouting:

"woo liam gallagher"
"I love oasis"
"when do we get to meet liam"

*The film was The Knight before Christmas 
Beanie, GANNI*/ boots, zara/ coat, topshop old (similar here* and here*)