Not the most winter friendliest coat but you're sure to stand out like a commuter smiling at 8:30am amongst everyone else carrying the weight of the weather on their shoulders. I've lived in zone 2 London for two months now and I've become accustomed to the etiquette of commuter dressing. The recipe. When you wear a wool coat over a wool jumper, you have indeed fallen into the lava of Bowser's castle. I have no idea if it's an asian thing but since I was young, it has been drilled into me by my parents that as long as your neck is warm then the rest of the body will follow suit. For the colder commutes outside of the underground, it is key for battling those baltic winds. For the warmer commutes in the underground, it becomes convenient to take off mid- rush down the left side of the escalator hoping to squeeze into a train like it's the last one even though one arrives every 1 minute. 
Coat, H&M*/ jeans, Topshop


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