So you're at this nominated lucky friends' house for pre- drinks, ready to get leathered for a night out in town. You dress up in sequins, velour or a dress you found last minute in the sale because you already checked your wardrobe and you can't simply wear your 7 other previous NYE dresses just because. We've been through it before, ultimately deciding on the sequin garment in the annual "what do I wear?" debate, only to stand there in the club surrounded by imitations of yourself. Huh. Who knew that sequins is the dress code for anything New Year's Eve? You're in the club, they've already started the minute countdown to the New Year, you're either: a) sober AF because you couldn't get anywhere near a 2 mile radius of the bar, b) scouting around for potential suitors for that dreadful New Year's kiss, or c) having a craic with your pals after you've told them you love them for the billionth time. By the time it hits 2am, you're more than eager to leave the sea of people and the night is over. Okay maybe not before a cheeky Mcdonald's pit stop. 

I do love to express my participation for a festive occasion in payments of sequins, and so do clothing sites so it seems. I went to search "New Year's Eve dresses" to find dedicated tabs from the likes of Missguided and Prettylittlething specifically for, said event. Exploiting the panic buyers out there and enticing them to an endless scroll on their page for them to not actually find anything they like. In the end, when it eventually boils down to the 31st, the majority can all nod in agreement that it is also the most overrated event of the year. There is so much pressure to feel and celebrate it in a certain way, the sweeping documentation depicted by social media is just an example of how your netflix and chill night in can go from 100 to 0. I'm just not interested in going out out anymore listening to the cliché countdown amidst a sardine packed room full of strangers, maybe because it's after the 2 month build up to Christmas and now that the day has gone and past I'm too exhausted to motivate myself to do anything extravagant. This will be it for my last post of 2018. Enjoy your NYE whichever way you decide to spend it!


It's only been 4 months since I was back in Manchester, not that long in retrospect, but it's been the longest I've ever been away from home. It was difficult navigating two jobs and hanging out with friends to find the time for a weekend away as I'd always end up convincing myself the extortionate prices of train tickets was not worth the short and stressful duration I'd be home. Honestly I could nip over to anywhere in europe for cheaper than a return virgin trains journey from EUS to MAN. It was obvious the home-sickness near the end of the third month was weighing on me, even the thought of arriving at Euston station all beady eyed with my Pret mac n cheese got me excited. The festive lights in London is incredible and pretty much everyone raves about winter wonderland which BTW is overrated but can be justified if, like me, you aim to make a cameo appearance once a year. It just ISN'T the same compared to the Christmas markets in good old Albert's Sq.

 I hope you all had and continue having a joyous holiday season while I take a seat for the rest of this week waiting for NYE. I'm actually sad the festive season is running its last lap. I didn't realise, until a few nights before I left to go home where I was sat in the living room of my flat amidst the glow of our Christmas tree, how much I will miss the atmosphere, the mulled wine and the homely feeling of fairy lights wherever I go.
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