Merlot. Pairs well with white. Or so I've heard. May not be as practical on the front row but definitely eases the frantic commute from one show to the other. I'm partial to a pretty dress and an all white look, that's just the western inside me that secretly wants to let everybody know that, WHY YES I HAVE BEEN ON HOLIDAY! As the new academic year closes in, I find myself wondering why I hadn't worn some of my most summer pieces at least once during the summer and I enter full regret mode. Transitional season is a tough time, warm days but unbearable cold nights, a feeling not unfamiliar to all of you. Hey, merlot also helps with that bit, a few glasses in you and you won't even feel the cold at night. That aside, I am ready to part with my little to nothing crop tops that *immensely* helped me survive against the humidity in Hong Kong and start layering up for AW. 


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