Merlot. Pairs well with white. Or so I've heard. May not be as practical on the front row but definitely eases the frantic commute from one show to the other. I'm partial to a pretty dress and an all white look, that's just the western inside me that secretly wants to let everybody know that, WHY YES I HAVE BEEN ON HOLIDAY! As the new academic year closes in, I find myself wondering why I hadn't worn some of my most summer pieces at least once during the summer and I enter full regret mode. Transitional season is a tough time, warm days but unbearable cold nights, a feeling not unfamiliar to all of you. Hey, merlot also helps with that bit, a few glasses in you and you won't even feel the cold at night. That aside, I am ready to part with my little to nothing crop tops that *immensely* helped me survive against the humidity in Hong Kong and start layering up for AW. 


This may be the second leopard print skirt I own and it's all for a good cause for the sake of fashion. I bought this piece during the peak of it's popularity from a boutique store in Hong Kong for a tenner while you lot were pining over a certain sold out silk leopard print skirt. Did I mention this was a tenner? Basically the same price as an all over boob mug from UO except you can't flaunt it while side stepping on the central line platform during rush hour. 

I just LOVE wearing leopard print, the neutral tones of the beige amongst the dark brown and black spots really diverts the eye from the rest of the outfit. I don't know about you but I've seen this non- neutral neutral print all over my Instagram feed featured by bloggers and fashion industry experts alike, so much that I had began subconsciously pulling up different tops from my wardrobe and thinking how a silk leopard skirt would ultimately complete my look. There are literally no ends as to where or when you can wear leopard print (okay. New game. Shot for every time I've mentioned the word leopard in this post). 
What do you wear for an interview? leopard print
Want to stand out on the first day of uni? leopard print
First date? leopard print
 I think you understand where I'm going with this. The only occasion where I felt awkward was when a guy approached me and out of the blue, introduced himself and then proceeded to ask whether I had travelled to Africa to kill the animals I was wearing. Picture the shock horror on my face when I tell you that what I was wearing that day was a leather jacket and a leopard print dress.  I was taken aback from his comment and numerous thoughts raced through my mind, number one being 'omg is he part of an animal protest group?! Am I going to be named and shamed on Facebook for wearing leather and being associated with an animal print?'. I found out eventually it was just his way of chatting me up in the middle of covent garden. Strange encounter nonetheless and one that has become a great story to tell. 
t- shirt, zara/ boots, dr martens/ belt, äland HK (similar here*)/ necklace, monica vinader*


Oh hello, I'm talking to you with a fresh new do! As you can see I've gone full monty blonde.. but um some may say, a bit ginger. I had proposed to dye my hair a few years back, been telling my friends each year that this summer was THE summer I was gonna lose my virgin asian hair and I finally did it the summer of 2018 and it only took a mere 6 hours sat in the salon. The best and worst thing about having much lighter hair is that I don't see the physical strands anymore on the floor like I used to when applying my haircare routine as I have wooden flooring that is oddly the same shade as my hair. So give it a couple of months and I'll be swamped by my own hair with my room looking like a scene from The Lorax. 

I didn't realise how much I was obsessed with this low-fuss combination of an oversized tee and jeans look until I got my #OOTD taken. I go through phases of really loving colourful tops and tops with prints that are so statement others don't dare try it on for themselves. Most days where I'm wearing a t-shirt and jeans, I'm feeling the most 'me' and suddenly I think of how has this confidence appeared from the less genius (or is it genius?) idea of a basic tee and a pair of old jeans. Of course it's the type of jeans and how you style it, no pair of jeans is just that, a pair of jeans. I am very, very into straight leg jeans with a frayed hem. For the t-shirt, as contradicting as it may sound, I'm quite picky and it's a complicated process in choosing this simple decade old garment (FYI it has to be cotton and crew neck). 
 top, levis*/ shoes, Y3*/ glasses, ace&tate lily