I've recently stumbled across a quote, 

“You only own your blog, you don’t own your Instagram, they could shut you down tomorrow and you’d have nothing. They don’t owe you anything.” Sara Donaldson, the blogger behind Harper & Harley

which has really caught my attention and a train for your thought as much as I love Instagram. Instagram thrives on the content produced and uploaded by the few billion users on that one single platform. With all the links you click on associated with Instagram, you are indirectly handing over control to Systrom and Krieger (the founders of this brilliant yet pitfall app however you'd like to think of it). I'm still going to be an avid user of IG, doesn't seem like it's going anywhere any time soon, I mean, it's even added a stories feature not so long ago which has proven to be highly popular. It's only made me more adamant to produce more exclusively for my blog which has proven difficult to keep up when there's a stream of easily accessible content on IG just a tap away.
*Translation: A woman is a woman! (and also the first ever french film I watched)

Never have I felt more feminine than I did when I was wearing this dress, as you may have already noticed yes it is very similar to the alexandra dress by Réalisation par but without having to part with the larger wedge of your salary. I wore this for the first time the other day and realised it'd threaten to flash your underwear if any slight gust of wind comes your way, watch out for road crossings.. tried and tested by yours truly. That aside, I love all the details par exemple the plunging ruffle neckline and the almost asymmetric hem line (uh hello legs for DAYS!).
 Dress, Nobody's child (sold out online unfortunately but I bought from Topshop oxford circus store, similar here and here)

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  1. First off, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this dress on you especially how you made it feel not so feminine! I've pondered getting the same one myself - not sure if I'm ready for the jump. Second of all, I don't often leave comments but really fell in love with the old-school (circa 2008-2009) feel of your blog. These were the kinds of blogs I fell in love to begin with :) Found you via Pinterest & new follower for sure!