Top, American Eagle/ jeans, Boohoo/ boots, ASOS/ bag, Longchamp

These past few days has been such a delight, bloomin' 30 degrees in the UK! Not gonna lie, I was melting in these jeans but hell at least I looked good doing the whole secretly-sweating-but-not-showing-it thang.

I've been expanding my jeans collection, from the black skinny, by buying tons more embroidered and out there pieces such as the exhibit above. I also realised I have like no t-shirts that aren't 5 years old in my wardrobe, what the HECK? British weather has ultimately forced me into buying and collating masses of jumpers every year and so when I actually need a t-shirt, I have none. 

Side note: The drink I'm clutching is the iced caramel latte from Ezra and Gil.. it's so darn good.