Skirt, Topshop (sold out online but still available in some stores!)/ jumper, Brandy Melville/ jacket, Allsaints/ boots, ASOS

Yes I am listening to Natasha Bedingfield while currently typing this spur of the moment blog post #throwback

So let's talk about this mustard midi skirt, it caught your eye right? Did you become that person scrolling past through the images just to get to the bottom to find out where it's from? After seeing sammi from Samanthamaria sporting this skirt of delight and a couple of people from Instagram, the question of 'should I get it?' changed to 'when do I get it?' 

If there was ever a piece of clothing that made me as self conscious as I am when crossing my legs because of the gaping big slit at the side but also feeling like I'm Beyoncé who just performed at the Super Bowl, it'd be this. 



  1. The skirt is very pretty. I bet it'll be sold out in shops by the time I go to have a look :( x

    This Adventure of Mine

    1. It is isn't it?! If it helps, I bagged this one at their oxford st store!

  2. In love with your skirt! Would never be able to pull something off but the rich mustard colour looks amazing when toned down with a simple white shirt and leather jacket
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