Dress- Topshop
heels- Urban outfitters via Depop

I wouldn't want to leave my blog hanging in April especially now that I have all the free time in the world so I met up with my friend and we got down to 'business' consisting of baking and HSM 3 (Which by the way I do not recommend half as much as HSM 2). 

You might have seen this dress floating around (GET IT??) on blogs such as Sammi from Beautycrush and Sonya from Classisinternal, this dress was an investment piece and took me a while to decide whether it was worth the £££ or not but let me tell you it was SO worth it. Unfortunately this dress is sold out on topshop since I got it a while ago but this has been my 'to go' dress for when the weather is a little warm, paired with either trainers or boots or even heels as shown above. The heels are a whole other story, I've been wanting this particular 'out from under karmen' heels for ages but during this time, it had been sold out in urban outfitters. I luckily spotted this brand new pair being sold on depop by a super lovely seller aka LIFE SAVER.

Enjoy the rest of your week and I'll make sure I keep you updated with a stream of posts every week or so, laterrrrrrrs.