I visited Federal cafe and bar yesterday on the special occasion that was Mother's Day, it was the first time I took my parents to a small cafe in the Northern Quarter and I'm pretty sure I've convinced them to entirely love the whole idea of brunching.. or maybe it was just because we were thirsting for coffee at the time..
The place is situated just opposite the arndale market and pretty easy to find, I usually don't opt for mochas but due to re-search I did beforehand, it was ultimate that the mocha drew me in and I HAD to get it and I gotta say they serve THE best mocha I've EVER tried not to mention the instagrammable latte art. My mum went for the eggs benedict with ham which was perrrrrfect as I did steal a bite or two, it was a shame they didn't have the banana loaf while I was there :(
Hope you have a mighty fine monday, thanks for reading!


Shirt- Ralph Lauren
Trousers- Primark
Coat- French Connection outlet (similar here)
Shoes- Nike factory store
Bag- Longchamp le pliage

Keeping a silhouette classic with clean lines, achromatic colours and soft masculine textures- the t
ailored trouser is the perfect partner to any pair of casual trainers, a combo which have been a new love my 16 year old self would have never seen coming and a lot of this love is courtesy of Pinterest. Ranging from fashion and interior to typography and food. It's such a great platform for an all in one inspirational binge or if you're like me, becomes a daily obsession.. (P.s you can follow me here to see what recipes and street styles I'm obsessing over)

I managed to bag this coat and the trainers during my long overdue outing to Cheshire Oaks designer outlet, which is always a treat to visit whenever given the opportunity. ALSO, I hope to get my game on and post around every 2 weeks! She says... Currently with no drafts and no back ups..