Not the most winter friendliest coat but you're sure to stand out like a commuter smiling at 8:30am amongst everyone else carrying the weight of the weather on their shoulders. I've lived in zone 2 London for two months now and I've become accustomed to the etiquette of commuter dressing. The recipe. When you wear a wool coat over a wool jumper, you have indeed fallen into the lava of Bowser's castle. I have no idea if it's an asian thing but since I was young, it has been drilled into me by my parents that as long as your neck is warm then the rest of the body will follow suit. For the colder commutes outside of the underground, it is key for battling those baltic winds. For the warmer commutes in the underground, it becomes convenient to take off mid- rush down the left side of the escalator hoping to squeeze into a train like it's the last one even though one arrives every 1 minute. 
Coat, H&M*/ jeans, Topshop


I spent the entirety of my summer documenting various 
moments on film. All taken on my Olympus miu on Portra 400 
and Kodak Gold 200. Some of these photos I'm super glad
I have, like the one at my graduation. Two days after, 
I lost my phone, including all those precious photos of my 
graduation so the one I've included is now 1/5 photos I have. It's been 
a few months since I finished my first roll of film so looking back has 
given me the post- holiday blues. As much as I am looking forward to the winter 
festivities and to shoot on more rolls of film, I can't help but feel nostalgic
in the summer that has just past.


It's been a month since moving out of my accommodation of 3 years and back into my family home in Manchester. It was a bitter sweet goodbye but it felt right. It's amazing how quickly you can adapt back into your old roots, something that was unimaginable when you lived independently. It's been easier settling back into the town you grew up in when you maintain the independency you gained by living out. For me, it's been booking my own hairdresser's appointment, finding a good local lash extentions technician and just popping out into town in the middle of the afternoon to run some errands (there seems to be a common theme of self care!). As a post- grad there is always that impending pressure of wanting to flee the nest ASAP (after the family holiday is over and done with of course) but it's not really a choice we have due to financial instability. Mind you, I've been popping down to London every weekend so I've been lucky enough to experience the familiarity of both worlds. What I do miss is the constant of a job while I was in London, the convenience of arranging a meet up after work was just SO easy and simple. You're killing two birds with one stone, the feeling of productivity and socialising.
blazer, zara/ shoes, ASOS


top, house of holland via ASOS/ skirt, miss selfridge*/ shoes, Y-3 adidas 
suit, H&M
top, ASOS/ jeans, topshop editor (similar here)/ shoes, zara
dress, zara
suit, zara